RL Strings is THE premier stringing and dyeing service in the South Jersey area and the culmination of 25+ years of Lacrosse, stringing, and dyeing experience.

It started with my first experience trying to string/dye my stick when I was 11 years old – I wanted to dye my black head yellow – it didn’t work – who knew you can only dye heads light to dark…I didn’t… Then had to restring the stick using only the mesh kits directions, with no pictures (no internet or YouTube)…I had to figure out a lot on my own but I fell in love with it.

Over the years, through middle/high school, College, Men’s league and Coaching I kept stringing for myself and my friends and was always checking out other peoples sticks, seeing what worked and what didn’t – I learned, I tried new things, I failed and kept trying until I figured it out – and I’ve never stopped.

I started my “professional” stringing career when I opened RuffLax and over the course of 5 years I strung over 4000 sticks – Men’s, Women’s, Traditionals, Customs and Goalie sticks.  I began to refine my techniques, develop my own style and earned my reputation for being one of the most consistent and talented stringers in NJ turning out high quality pockets in any style and material.  My attention to detail and focus on what was best for the player (not always what they wanted…) helped earn the trust of parents and players alike.

I truly feel that the stick is the most important piece of equipment you have and I’m proud to use all my experience as a player, stringer and a coach to ensure the best set up for YOU – If you’re going to have someone string your stick wouldn’t you want the best…so I’ll ask, WHAT CAN I STRING FOR YOU!?!?!

Master Stringer – Todd Ruff